Man is Stranded on Way to Sister’s Funeral – You Won’t Believe Who Offers Him a Ride

Offering a helping hand to a random stranger, this police officer delivered an irreplaceable gift.

The unexpected death of a loved one is always heart wrenching. Sadly, Mark Ross understood this all too well. Hearing his sister was killed in a tragic car accident, the man was devastated. After that, the only thing that mattered was attending the ceremony.

Ross quickly made plans to leave right away and accepted a ride from a friend. Racing the clock to get out of the state, the pair sped past Ohio Highway Patrolman David Robinson. Little did they know, things were about to get even worse.

Because of an outstanding arrest warrant, Officer Robinson was forced to arrest the driver of the vehicle which automatically impounded the vehicle. Mark knew he was following right behind for the same reason.

Out of desperation, Mark tried to explain his dire circumstances. The poor guy couldn’t even finish his sentence! Right then and there, he broke down in tears. Seeing how distraught the kid truly was, Officer Robinson offered his sympathies and comfort in prayer …but that wasn’t all.

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Robinson contacted other members of the force, requesting a ride to the jail housing Mark’s friend. He was determined to get the grieving brother to his sister’s funeral. Unfortunately, the distance he needed to go was far too great. Then, something amazing happened.

Hearing there weren’t any volunteer policemen willing to give Mark a life, Officer Robinson drove the kid to the station himself. He even offered to post Mark’s friend’s bail so the two could be on their way!

Traveling the-100 mile journey in Robinson’s patrol car, Mark was astonished someone would be so generous.

“I am truly grateful for this guy,” Mark said in a thank you. “…he gave me hope.”

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Courtesy: FoxNews