Parishioners Admired The Nativity Scene – Until They Noticed What Was Laying Next To Baby Jesus In The Manger

The small town of Criciuma, Brazil accidentally hosted an extra special guest in a very unique nativity display. Simply seeking warmth through the night, one adorable German Shepherd puppy climbed right next to baby Jesus, laying away in a manger.


Assumed to be homeless, the tiny little animal didn’t budge throughout the evening.  Well, almost. Stretching to uncover his eyes, the adorable pup revealed his heartbreaking deep brown eyes.


After that, it was back to sleep! Viewers and parishioners passed by with ‘cooing’ praise while the furry friend nuzzled closer to the Baby Jesus he laid next to.


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The pup must have known the Messiah wouldn’t have turned him away that night. He felt quite comfortable giving a ‘disappointing look to the loud crowd distributing his beauty sleep.


After that, the tourists took a hint. The Christmas visitors quietly excused themselves, only to return a day later to check on the pup. Sure enough, the dog was there, still right next to the baby Jesus. Not wanting to wear out his welcome, the gracious German Shepherd packed his bags after a 72-hour visit.

… but at least the dog could say he got to stay away in a manger.