Doctor Saves Baby Boy with Slim Chance of Life, 30 Years Later Baby Returns Favor

In an interesting twist of events, two men in the medical field happen to save each other’s lives 30 years apart.

Chris Trokey, now a firefighter paramedic, almost hadn’t survived as a newborn. He was born premature, weighing a meager 3.2 lbs. Medical staff advised his parents the boy had a 50% chance of living through the night. Dr. Michael Shannon was the pediatrician that stayed by the boy’s side, offering constant care. He was the reason Chris survived against all the odds.















In a “twilight zone” moment, the roles reversed 30 years later. Amazingly enough, the paramedic would save the Dr. Shannon’s life.

In Orange County, California, paramedics were called to the gruesome scene of a car accident. A tractor-trailer rig had t-boned a much smaller SUV. Dr. Michael Shannon sat unconscious in the driver seat. The SUV spontaneously caught fire, pouring thick clouds of smoke out every opening. Dr. Shannon was trapped inside the vehicle with only moments to live.


Chris was the first firefighter to run to Dr. Shannon’s aid. Seeing the vehicle completely engulfed in flames, he acted quickly, using the jaws of life to pull the man out of harm’s way just in time. Chris rushed the Dr. to the hospital where he made a shocking discovery.

After exchanging names and filling out admission paperwork, Chris realized he had just rescued the pediatrician that saved his life 30 years prior. The young man was in disbelief while Dr. Shannon believed it was a matter of fate.


‘It’s amazing to watch them all grow up, but to have one come back in your life, on a day you really need it, that’s really incredible,’ the Dr. said. “I do believe that things are supposed to happen when they do. I see examples of this almost daily in my life and practice.”

Watch this incredible twist in fate in the new story below.

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