Parachute Specialist Saves 3-Year-Old from Hurricane Katrina-10 Years Later They Meet Again

10 years after an iconic photo that represented the hope after nature’s destruction was taken, a young girl is reunited with the brave Airman that saved her from drowning.

Lashay Brown had been a young girl living in Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina threatened her life. After being separated from her family, the 3-year-old was completely defenseless against the raging waters rushing through her neighborhood. Thankfully, one man came to her rescue.


Master Sgt. Michael Maroney happened to be a para-rescue specialist in the Air force. Lashay quickly caught his attention, struggling to keep her head above the rising water. As a father himself, the man didn’t hesitate to brave the dangerous storm. Maroney plunged into the threatening waters, risking his life for the little girl.

The moment he scooped her to safety was coincidentally caught on camera. The pair shared a tear filled hug, completely oblivious to the photo being taken. The look on Lashay’s face said it all.


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In all the commotion and chaos, Maroney and Lashay were separated. Maroney was disappointed he  hand’t even learned her names. The identity of the girl he rescued would haunted him as a decade long mystery. Then, the chance of a lifetime fell directly into the airman’s lap.

After the iconic photo resurfaced, Maroney began the desperate search to find the little girl. Shockingly enough, he was able to locate Lashay on Facebook.

Watch their emotional visit after 10 long years.

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Source: Time Magazine