Panthers Football Player Becomes the Most Generous In the NFL Feeding 900 Children On Thanksgiving

Once again, it’s time to give thanks. Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton made sure to do his part.

The man put on an apron and rolled up his sleeves to serve Thanksgiving dinner to over 900 underprivileged kids and their families.


And that wasn’t all! Each North Carolina family was promised a ‘take home Thanksgiving dinner,’ complete with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and the 20 lb. turkey.

Newton got the kids involved by holding a ‘dab’ competition. The dance move that went viral overnight was brought to life once more on stage, or should we say hundreds of times more. The quarterback himself even got up to perform!

The event was a hit, offering a DJ, face painters, and balloon artists.


“To see the kids, to see the parents come out and to share a plate, share a moment, share a conversation with them, is always beneficial to both parties,” Newton said. “Not only for them, but for me as well.”

The feast was a blast for everyone in attendance, including kids from neighboring cities! Chris Edwards helped bring nearly 100 kids from Gastonia and noticed the football star’s genuine generosity almost instantly.

“He really cares. And it’s not just all about the money, it’s about giving back and making sure somebody else has fun,” Edwards said.

The quarterback’s philanthropic Thanksgiving feast eventually became an annual tradition. I think it’s safe to say, we’ll see Cam next year!

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Source: USA Today