Owner Talks to Dog About New Addition to Family – You’ll Laugh!

Pets can sometimes do unexpected and really funny things. But the love that they have for their family, and their loyalty to their people never ceases to amaze those even of the hardest heart. What’s even funnier is that while these pets love their people – it also means that they can easily become jealous if there is a new member of the family to be added – especially if its one of the opposite species variety.

This video shows us just that. This dog wanted a new friend to play with, and his owner was just too happy to oblige. With some really fun sound editing, a creative idea, and his dogs actual need for a friend, this video can make anyone laugh. His owner is telling his dog all about his visit to the pet store to find him a friend. While the dog insists that he wants a cat friend, the owner told him that he very much considered other pets instead. When the owner mentions the possibility of getting a snake, the dog’s look of queasiness is one to remember – I know I felt that way when he was talking about bringing a snake home! (A snake?! I mean, really?!)

Enjoy this video for all of the hilarious drama.