Old Navy Employee Comes to the Rescue of Struggling Mom

Sometimes, everybody needs a little help. When it comes from unexpected places, it’s even better. Parenting is hard, especially when trying to run errands with a fussy baby. But instead of getting frustrated, this Old Navy Employee instead stepped up to help out this one mother.

Danyale Peterson was recently shopping in Old Navy when her son Cole started to get very fussy because it was around is time to eat. That’s when Peterson realized she didn’t have everything she needed and she was going to have to go back to her car for Cole. That’s when she was approached by an employee – Laura – and offered help with her son. Instead of having to leave everything at the front of the store and taking Cole outside, Laura offered to hold him while Danyale ran to the car.


At first the mom was hesitant to let a stranger hold her son, but after some deliberation she decided to let Laura help her. She ran to the car to get Cole’s bag, and before she was even out the door, Cole was less fussy and Laura was sweetly holding him while talking to him. When Danyale returned to the store, Laura told her she had thirty minutes that she could hold and watch Cole while she shopped. Danyale took her up on the offer and continued her shopping. That’s when she heard the things that Laura was telling Cole – she was telling him that he could be anything when he grew up from the teacher to a a president. She was also kissing his cheeks and head sweetly.


When Peterson went to check out, instead of having to put Cole back into the stroller, Laura asked to help her by carrying Cole to the car to be put in his car seat. Peterson was so touched by all of her help, she posted about it on Facebook. She was extremely touched by the sincere love and kindness that Laura showed her son.

Photos: Facebook