Officers Dispatched To Noise Complaint At College Dorm Never Expected the Party To Be for Them

Al in the name of the job, Public Safety officers responded to a noise complaint and were dispatched to Princeton University. Little did they know, all the commotion and ruckus was in their honor.

Pulling up to 2 Dickinson St. co-ed dorm, the boys in blue didn’t know quite what to expect. As it turned out, students wanted to give the men a heartfelt thank you and pat on the back.

“We love you, PSafe!” shouted the group of Ivy League students upon the cop’s arrival.


Vidushi Sharma and Alexandria Herr planned the entire, elaborate surprise, making sure the memorable event was fully stocked with attendants. It was actually a brilliant plan.

“We will call psafe on ourselves … psafe will arrive … we will surprise psafe with a cake … and we will then party,” the college service announcement read.

Executive Director of Pubic Safety, Paul Omnisky, was greeted with handwritten notes and heartfelt thank you’s from the students. It was an act of kindness he’d never forget.


“We do have people praise officers and give us very positive feedback…but this is, I think, the first time we’ve had a very big group praise the officers…”

The policemen ‘called for backup’ before taking a few pictures and reliving the campus’ most memorable moments. The best part about the entire celebration?

“…seeing the joy it brought to the officers and to the students,” the officer stated. “….and the cake. The cake was absolutely awesome. I’m not sure who tipped off the students about chocolate being our favorite flavor.”

Source: Liftable