Officer Puts 73-Year-Old Woman in Squad Car- Just To Take Her on Her Weekly Shopping Trips

In a simple act of kindness, an off-duty officer volunteered to take a woman shopping…for groceries.

Dorothy Shepard and Officer John Holder went way back. Around half a year earlier, the widow underwent multiple knee and back surgeries. Needless to say, she was recovering at home for quite awhile. Concerned neighbors who hadn’t seen or heard from the woman, called to request a “wellness check” on her behalf. Policeman Holder was the man that answered the call.

“She just struck me as someone who really needed someone to care and help her out,” Holder says, remembering the first time they met.


After reassuring the man she was completely fine, Dorothy (who lives alone) started up a friendly conversation with the police officer. The two talked about their families, pets, past jobs, the “small talk” we’re all used to. The woman was pleasantly pleased by the man’s kind and gentle spirit.

“I was so surprised…he listened and he was patient,” Dorothy said.


Afterwards, the policeman gave her his cell phone number, in case “she ever needed anything.” Since that first meet-and-greet, Dorothy and Officer John have built a wonderful friendship. He regularly shuttles her to and from simple errands, doctors appointments, or visits with her family. During one such trip, the pair were caught on camera. There in the department store was off-duty Officer John, pushing Dorothy’s shopping cart.
The 73-year-old did in fact need something: a ride to the grocery store to purchase her Thanksgiving dinner. The policeman kindly offered to drive her to the market. In the spirit of the season, Dorothy  she’s grateful to have John by her side.

“I know police officers, but I never expected him to be that kind, and to go out of [his] way,” Dorothy says. “…he’s just tremendous.”

As for Officer John, the knowledge he’s helping others is recognition enough.

Watch the uplifting footage in the video!

Source: USA Today