Now Your Husband Can Experience the Pain You Went Through in Giving Birth

The wonders of childbirth never cease to amaze. But there has long been the argument of “what hurts worse” – childbirth, or a man taking a serious knock to his jewels. Well now, thanks to the wonderful world of science, men can fully experience both! All fathers should definitely go ahead and take a gander at the simulated feeling of childbirth and labor pains.


For a long time, the ability to strap on a fake pregnancy belly and letting men experience the joys of using a breast pump have been the only way to allow men to see how uncomfortable being pregnant really is. But that does nothing to show the males what it feels like to actually have to experience contractions and push a watermelon through a very small hole. Thanks to science, however, all women everywhere can experience the joy of letting their man experience just how much pain you went through in order to birth that wonderfully screaming child you now have.

Recently, a pair of dads went to the hospital to see just what that labor life looked like. They were given electrodes to strap to their abdomen, and then the electrodes were stimulated to show the dads exactly what it is like to experience contractions and labor. Their wives are there to give them moral support the entire way – but the look of joy on the faces of the mothers as they watch their husbands experience what they went to to birth their child, that is the real gold in this video.

Watch as these mothers try to comfort their spouses’ through fake labor – trying to keep it together through the laughter and just the intense enjoyment of finally “showing them” exactly how awfully wonderful child birth is.

It’s absolutely hilarious, I promise. Science is so great.

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