NFL New Rookie QB Shows Us That Family is More Important than Money


A name that is becoming far too familiar on the internet and sports news is Dak Prescott. The Mississippi native who went to Mississippi State University is now in the NFL playing for the cowboys, and has recently gotten a lot of interest because of his success as the rookie quarterback while Tony Romo is out with an injury.

Because of his success playing for the cowboys – winning football games for his team with a current record of  5-1, his name has recently hit the big time in regards to companies being interested in endorsing him because of this success. Although he could easily be increasing his bank account by building up his name and branding himself, he has instead been only interested in winning football games and spending time with his family.

Dak was a huge hit at Mississippi State, putting himself with the major greats and currently being talked about as the greatest quarterback Mississippi State University has ever had. He is still very loved in Starkville, MS, the home of the University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology in December of 2014. He then became the 4th round draft pick for the NFL, picked up by the Cowboys, and living in Tony Romo’s shadow until very recently when he made his NFL debut and began to show people he meant business.

Dak lost his mother in November of 2013, and has been seen keeping her memory alive throughout the years and wants to make her proud. I think we can all agree that his actions lately have shown that he continues to love his family even with his recent success.

Dak had many offers this past week for endorsement deal meetings, some of which could easily have been millions of dollars. But instead, with his time off, he decided to go visit and spend time with his grandmother.

What an awesome decision. The young quarterback is setting a great example for younger athletes who look up to him – showing that family is more important than money, even when you’re famous.

What an amazing sentiment. It’s definitely not something you see every day. Way to go, Dak. Starkville loves you. We love you.

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 Photo: Getty Images