Newscaster Doesn’t Know Boyfriend Wrote Script on Telepromter-Until She Reads the “News” of Her Own Proposal

One woman gets a live proposal on national television…from herself?

Southern bell and news personality, Jilian Pavicla, received a “breaking news story” right before closing the live nightly segment on the Huntsville, Alabama news channel. The woman read the words on the teleprompter only to stop mid-sentence in embarrassment.


Her boyfriend, Vince, convinced the entire news team to be a part of his special, one-of-a-kind proposal. The woman’s future fiancee managed to hijack the teleprompter, feeding the newscaster the exact words that would perfectly introduce himself to the scene.


Jilian, originally standing with two male co-workers on screen, began the introduction to what would become her very own wedding proposal.

“We have some breaking news to report to you,” Jilian stated. “…FOX54 has just learned that a Huntsville news anchor is being proposed to on live TV right now.”


And away her two cohorts go. The young woman dawned an embarrassed smirk after being left completely alone on live television. She seemed quite “nerve racked,” to say the least.

Moments later, her knight in shining armor popped out from behind the cameras.


“Finally all our pieces are falling together,” her boyfriend declared. “… I can’t picture a day in my life not waking up with you.”

Getting down on one knee, Vince pulled out the ring he had been saving for months and popped the question.


“Jillian Pavlica, will you marry me?”

The news anchor uttered a ‘yes’ before the couple shared a congratulatory kiss on live television.

Too emotional to finish the news segment, Jilian hands off the job to someone a tad more stable. He finished the Saturday night broadcast with a weather report. Apparently, here would be 100% chance of tears that night.

See the couple’s news worthy proposal in the heartwarming clip below.