Neighbors Receive Note Asking to be Quieter when “Getting Nasty” – Their Response is Epic

Sometimes, you have to just get a little nasty. And sometimes, that means that it can get loud. Which means your neighbors can hear you. Which means they may ask you to be quiet. At least for these neighbors, it was a polite note that they received and not a rude one.

Jenna Levine is 19 years old and currently attend Syracuse University. Over the course of some nights, she heard her neighbors “getting nasty” or “enjoying romantic activities” or however you choose to disclose that information. She decided she wanted to leave them a note, letting them know that they are being very loud and remind her “of how alone” she is. She slid the note under door of Room 338, and expected that to be the end of it. But she also posted the note onto Twitter for everyone on the internet to enjoy.


But it wasn’t. Her hilarious neighbors instead decided to send her a response of an epic proportion. Nothing mean or rude, but also following suit of her initial contact of hilarious maturity.

A few hours later, she was astounded when a post card with a chocolate bar wrapped in gold was slid under her door! To make it even more epic, the post card had bananas on it, and there was a note. The chocolate bar’s note read:

“Deepest apologies. I hope you enjoy this chocolate bar.” It also had an arrow pointing to the post card note, which was a hilarious note telling her to not feel like she will be alone forever. Apparently her neighbor was single for 18 years before he me his current sexual escapade partner. Of course the response note had to go on twitter as well!


What a hilarious banter between the two neighbors! And at least her neighbor was understanding and had a sense of humor as well. #Perfect.

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Photos: Twitter