Neighboring Office Buildings Start Epic “Post-It War” You Need To See

A friendly greet on paper quickly escalated into one of the most epic and outrageous, ‘post-it note’ wars ever seen.

The great big apple… also know as: New York City. In the midst of skyscrapers, luxury condominiums, and elementary schools, two neighboring office buildings stood out like a pair of sore thumbs. The windows of Havas Worldwide and Harrison Star were covered, piled, and caked. Covered, piled, and caked with what? Thousands of fluorescent post-it notes. That’s right.

It started innocently enough (don’t they all). A Harrison and Star employee simply posted a friendly ‘hi’ on the 6th floor window. 


Not wanting to seem rude, office building employees on Hudson street responded with ‘sup.’


After that, playtime was over. Both buildings housed countless marketing and advertising agents that were ready to stretch their creative legs. The post-its spread like wildfire, going from floor to floor. 


Soon, every window was covered by silly messages, strange shapes, or random phrases. 


Then, actual characters and cartoons started showing up! Surprisingly, both office buildings stayed pretty ‘on theme’ with their artwork. For example, The Angry Birds managed to pop in for a visit.


…followed by the Simpsons!


In an attempt to end the epic battle, Harrison and Star employees pulled out the big guns…or webs. Spiderman was ‘post-it’ to the rescue!


Surprisingly, the superhero did the trick. Havas Worldwide surrendered with the epic “mike drop.”


The two groups of employees finally met up… to join forces that is. Fueled by pizza and beer, they created the most epic illustration of all.

No longer enemies, the neighboring employees called a peaceful truce. The ‘post-it’ war was ended with this:


Source: Today Show