Neighbor Defies All Instruction Not to Enter Burning Home-All She Heard Was “There’s a Child Inside”

After a fire breaks out in a North Texas home, a neighbor comes to the rescue of a 7-year-old boy.

One Monday night, Mariella Medina was driving home and noticed orange flames engulfing a neighbor’s home down the street. Immediately, she knew something wasn’t right.


Mariella rushed over to the home and was met by a woman holding twin infants. With panic on her face, she told Mariella her 7-year-old was still trapped inside the burning house.

Mariella instantly called 911. Upon reporting the fire, she is told not to enter the home and to instruct everyone to stay outside. The 22-year-old ignored the instructions and bravely entered the home to retrieve the frightened child.

“As I’m running into the house and up the stairs, I just put the phone in my pocket and I didn’t think about it after that,” the 22-year-old said.

The mother of three thanks Mariella for her heroic act of bravery

The mother of three thanks Mariella for her heroic act of bravery

The young woman managed to bring the 7-year-old to safety. As she reunited the mother and her child, bystanders were calling her a hero. The young woman is refusing the honorable nickname, stating she only did the right thing.

Marilla explained she had no regrets upon running into the burning home.

“There’s a kid inside. That’s honestly the only thing that goes through your head,” the hero explained to reporters.


Watch the video below to see the woman in action.

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Source: NBC News