Mother’s Instinct is Awesome – This Mother Knew Something Before the Doctors Did

There’s got to be something said about a mother’s instinct. That sensation and “gut-feeling” that mothers sometimes get about their children, that a lot of times can be proven to be true. This case has been shown to be true, especially for Xander’s mom.

Xander is a baby from Georgia who was born 9 weeks early with a bleed on his brain. After his birth, he spent a total of 59 days in the NICU getting cared for before he was released to come home. During his stay at the NICU, he went through an assortment and battery of tests to determine that he was completely healthy and whole before he went home.

But when they got home, Xander’s mom just had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Xander didn’t react to sounds the way that he was expected to. There was no startle at loud noises, there was no turning of the head to specific sounds. He didn’t even seem to respond to her voice when she was talking to him. She called the doctors and asked for another hearing test, but they told her that baby Xander had already been through all of those tests, which he passed and was determined to be normal.

But her feeling that something just wasn’t right didn’t go away. She called the doctors again, demanding that the test be done. After several weeks and months of struggling to get the hospital administration to allow her to get the tests redone, she was able to bring Xander back in. When they did the hearing test, the doctors were floored to see that he was, indeed, deaf. Baby Xander hadn’t heard anything for the first 8 months of his entire life! They got the correct hearing aids, and watched as he reacted to hearing his mother’s voice for the first time. Now, Xander can hear everything, and it is too sweet!


Watch the awesome video of him hearing his mom’s voice for the first time below!

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Photo: Newsflare