Mom To 15 Year Old Cocker Spaniel Cuts Vacation Short To Spend Christmas With Dying Pup One Last Time

Molly couldn’t fathom life without her 15-year-old cocker spaniel. When the 19-year-old found out this would be her pup’s last Christmas, she knew they had to share one final holiday together.

The dog and her human met when Molly was just a tiny tot. The 4-year-old took Scooby everywhere and did everything as one in a pair.

After 15 years, Scooby’s health wasn’t what it used to be. The loving dog owner knew it wouldn’t be long before they were forced to say a final goodbye.


Visiting family in a vacation to the U.S., Molly got the news Scooby was quickly declining. In quick thinking, the woman jumped on a U.K. bound flight to celebrate one last Christmas with her favorite pal.

Since the Cocker Spaniel wouldn’t live to see his favorite holiday, the family planned an early celebration for the pup.

Share in their beautiful story in the clip below! Just don’t forget the tissues!

Source: ABC News