Mom Records Smiling Twin Baby Boys As They Share Adorable Conversation In the Crib

It’s a well-known fact twins share a unique and special bond. Between the many stories of telepathy and the siblings’ ability to share a secret language, there’s no denying it! This adorable pair of brothers certainly prove twins are something else.


Grayson and Griffin shared a delightful conversation with one another while laying face to face in the same crib. Hearing the joyful squeals and cute, high-pitched laughs, Mom entered the room to check on her babies and see what all the fuss was about.

She was stunned after walking into their nursery. There they were, the twin sons in full conversation with each other! Sharing some smiles and giggles the boys were focused completely on the other brother.

In quick thinking, the woman pulled out her camera and was just in time to capture the rare and beautiful moment. It’s 100% clear the boys’ understand each other’s baby talk (even though it sounds like simple gibberish).

Check out the Grayson and Griffin’s first chat together in Mom’s video!

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Source: Shareablly