Mom Makes Her Christmas Wish Come True After Stuffed Animal Dog Comes To Life

For as long as Daisy could remember, she’d wanted a dog. For some reason, her parents always found a reason explaining her wish was simply impossible to grant. In place of a live animal, the girl’s parents got her a stuffed dog. She had no idea her precious pet would actually end up coming to life.

Christmas of 2015 was one Daisy will never forget. Her stuffed dog Luna disappeared after Mom asked to hold him for a moment. The little girl sat on the couch, keeping her eyes closed just as she was told. As it turned out, the girl’s parents had found the perfect Christmas present for their daughter: a real live dog that looked identical to precious Luna. Now it was time for the two to officially meet.


Dad recorded the entire event while Mom placed the dog in her daughter’s lap, cuing the water works. Daisy erupted in high pitched squeals and thank you’s, absolutely shocked at what had just happened.

Stuffed Luna was a close second, but unfortunately couldn’t compete with his real counterpart. Even so, we’re almost positive Daisy and her new friend will make room for a third to join their circle.

Watch the little girl’s heartwarming reaction in the tear filled video clip below!

Source: Today