Mom Is Brought To Tears After Stranger Tips $12,000 To Help with Cancerous Husband’s Medical Bills

Loving couple, Jessica and Robert Reboredo, were struggling to keep up with their never ending bills. Thanks to a complete stranger, the horizon became a little brighter.


Looking to earn some extra cash, Jessica took a waitressing job at a Las Vegas Chili’s. The woman was spread quite thin, balancing her career, taking care of her home, and caring for four children under the age of six.

Then, things took a turn for the worse. Husband Robert received a devastating diagnosis of testicular cancer that had already spread to his lungs.


In critical condition, the man was advised to remain in the hospital located hours away from his beloved family. Thankfully, his supportive wife was more than prepared to make the trip as long as funds allowed.

Medical bills and transportation costs quickly decreased the family’s cash flow, until complete strangers stepped in. Jessica arrived at the restaurant, prepared to work her eight hour shift. She had no idea her friend had arranged for ‘surprise guests’ to visit.


One after another, the patrons left abnormally large tips. $200, $300, and $500 gratuities left the server in shock. Jessica’s last customer of the day even reached into his pocket, handing the waitress $1,000. Needless to say, the mother of four was brought to tears at the strangers’ charity.

What happened next was even more surprising. An organization dedicated to helping families in need appeared with Jessica’s largest tip: a $10,000 check. The family couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas miracle.

Watch the heartfelt surprise for yourself in the touching clip below!

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Source: Fox News