Mom Graduates College and Gets On Stage Surprise from Marine Son During the Ceremony

The woman fulfilled her life-long dream, earning her college degree. She simply didn’t know her son was there … granting her only other wish.

Cpl. Raul Robinson couldn’t have been more proud of his mother. Tondaleya Robinson put her college degree on the back burner after becoming a mother … of three. Two decades later, it was her time to shine.

After raising her children and coping with the death of her husband, 45-year-old Robinson graduated from Pierce College with a degree in Human Resources Management.


The graduate marched across the stage, only to have her 23-year-old Marine son hand over the diploma. Cpl. Robinson was granted leave from his commanding officer at the very last second and barely made it to the ceremony.

In fact, hours before, the marine made a call to his mom explaining his request for travel had been denied. He sent warm wishes but would celebrate from the Marine Corp base in Virginia.

“He called again and said, ‘I talked to the last person I thought could help and they said no,'” Ms. Robinson recalled of the last phone call with her son.


With a heavy heart, Robinson prepared for the ceremony. On the bright side, her other children and parents would be there! Cpl. Robinson snuck in the back of the great hall and hid out until Tondaleya was next in line to cross the stage.

After shuffling through the theater passage ways, the young marine found himself in the perfect position to hand his mother her college diploma. She was shocked, to say the least.

“I was crying. I was jumping. I was shaking. I could not believe it,” Ms. Robinson said.

See the emotional reunion for yourself in the tear jerking footage below!

Source: ABC News