Mom Feels Faint After Son Takes Off His Sweater – See Why

Recently the internet has been taken by storm by cute and fun videos (and stories) of children telling their parents that they are going to become grandparents. The results are always touching, but different for each family. Some families react with screaming and crying, and others simply react with a hug and quiet tears.

This family was sitting down to take a picture for mom’s birthday, when the son decided to take his sweater off for the picture. While in front of his mom and dad, he takes his sweater off to show his parents what his shirt says.

The shirt says “This guy is going to be a daddy.”

While his dad immediately reacts upon reading the shirt, saying, “Never,” his mom didn’t seem to really understand what the meaning of the shirt was until moments after. As she looks at her son trying to process the moment, he again assures them that it is not a joke, and he is indeed going to be a father.

That’s when the mom reports that she is “going to pass out.” His dad is still extremely excited and begins to celebrate with his soon-to-be-father-son. The family then all hug to finalize the moment.

What an awesome birthday present for the young man’s mom! Is there really any better present than the privilege of being a grandmother? We don’t think so!

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