Texas Millionaire Offers Mansion to Special Needs Family After A Devastating Tornado

After devastating state-wide storms, one generous Texas millionaire eases stress by opening up his mansions.


Businessman Ron Sturgeon, had done very well for himself in the past years. He built a legacy as a real estate mogul, investing in multiple properties. The Texas millionaire was touched after he viewed photos of families made homeless after horrific state-wide tornado storms. As a dog lover himself, Ron couldn’t help but focus on one image in particular: a photograph of a terrier buried under rubble.

Christine Jenkins, her daughter Amber, and their terrier dog, Maggie, were shaken after the devastating storm. Things became especially difficult for Amber and her therapy dog. The young girl had special needs as a quadriplegic. Out on the streets, her mother wouldn’t be able to provide the round the clock care Amber needed.


Ron was determined to help anyway he could. After some thought, he decided to open up his own doors…or homes you could say. Two multi-million dollar mansions Ron had purchased were currently empty. He knew they could serve a higher purpose.

The massive 8,000 square foot home meant for the Jenkins family was complete with 6 bedrooms and baths, 6 fireplaces, and automated doggie doors.

“It doesn’t make sense for them to be vacant when somebody could be using them that obviously would have a great need,” Ron said.

And what did he charge the struggling family to stay? Exactly $1 a month. He planned to lease the homes for 3 month increments, saying he would gladly extend their stays if needed. Ron offered shelter to over to the mother and her daughter as well as other tornados victims.

Christine would be forever grateful to the man who housed her family. Seeing her daughter happy was the cherry on top after a tragic situation.

“I have not seen her this happy in weeks,” the mother said. “So it’s been really nice.”

See the enormous Texas home in the clip below

Source: Good News Network