Mittens the Cat – Who Crossed a Mountain to Reunite with His Family

When it comes to animals finding their way home, sometimes it would seem that they have an incredible knack for finding a way, very similar to the movie Homeward Bound. (Not to mention Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, etc). The difference is that usually in the Pixar and animated movies, the animal has a daring adventure, when most pets simply have to figure out how to get back home, which may require walking a different route or just following instinct or smells to get home.

But not Mittens. He crossed a mountain range to get back home to his family, and his adventures are worthy of his own movie. Mittens was asleep under the cover of his family’s boat – a place that would get warm from the sun, perfect for cat napping. He had no idea that the boat was going to go 35 miles away to get serviced, and was extremely confused when the boat cover was pulled off and it wasn’t his family that he saw.

It also wasn’t his home that he heard or saw either. He was in completely new terrain, with no real idea of which direction to go to get home. He ran off from the boat shop as soon as the mechanics pulled the cover off.


That’s when his real adventure began. There are three mountain ranges on the east side of Salt Lake City, and he seemed to have navigated them over the course of almost 4 months to try and make his way back to his family. Allison, 14, was devastated when they discovered Mittens was missing. After speaking with the boat shop, they heard the story of Mittens being under the cover of the boat and that he had run away without a trace. They put up signs, called people, and looked for him everywhere. Eventually, they stopped when they had no trace of him.

Four months later, a cat wandered up to Alice Puleo’s yard – 32 miles east of the boat shop in Park City, Utah. He quickly let her know that he was very hungry. Apparently he was very thin, and his feet were beat up and inflamed from the trek he had made. After letting him sleep and eat constantly for 4 days, Puleo took Mittens to the vet where he was scanned for a microchip. Thankfully, he had one, and they contacted the Flittons to let them know they had found their cat. Cyndi, Allison’s mother, decided to go and get Mittens as a surprise for her. They took the trip (which Allison was under the impression was just a simple “shopping trip”) and then when they got there, Allison was reunited with her long-lost cat.


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As soon as Allison entered the vet clinic and Mitten’s heard her voice, he took off for her. One of the sweetest moments of all time. Mittens had made it back to his girl, and he couldn’t be happier. Neither could Allison.

Who would have thought that a cat could travel across a mountain range, simply to get back to his family? I know I didn’t.