Miracle Baby Given 50% Chance to Live – What Happens Next Will Touch Every Parent

Expecting their first baby, Lyndsey and Ben Ward were over the moon. Then, her pregnancy took a turn for the worse.

Entering her third trimester, Lyndsey celebrated 25 weeks of pregnancy and was pleasantly surprised at how effortless and easy the entire experience had been! With no difference in her mood, energy level, or appetite, Lyndsey expected smooth sailing ahead.

After one of her usual morning workouts, the expectant mom noticed some intense cramping in her abdomen. Hours later, the pain hadn’t diminished. It was time to go to the hospital.

Thankfully, the couple made it just in time! Doctors advised Lyndsey was already in labor and would deliver within the day.

Four short hours later, Lyndsey and Ben welcomed a son. Miles was born three and a half months early, weighing a meager 1 pound, 3 oz. The couple was told the newborn wasn’t expected to develop normally, much less survive. He had a 50% chance of living through the night.

premature baby premature labor brain bleed

Doctors and nurses monitored the brand new baby 24/7. Any and every possible risk to baby Ward’s health was caught and treated immediately.

A week and a half in the NICU, Miles went for a brain scan. The results were devastating. The newborn had multiple brain bleeds, with a four out of four one side of his skull (the worst possible) and a two out of four on the other side.

Lyndsey and Ben were paralyzed in fear. Sadly, medical staff was just as helpless.

At a desperate attempt to communicate with their child, the couple were allowed to temporarily remove some of his wires. Almost instantly, Miles turned his head and opened his eyes. It was the first time he ever acknowledged the presence of another person.

Lyndsey and Ben were absolutely awestruck.

Baby Ward Has Gained the Strength to Open His Eyes

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“I will never forget that moment,” the new dad said. “I feel as if he was telling us ‘I’m okay!!! Don’t give up on me!”

Ben and Lyndsey filmed the roller coaster ride that was their son’s birth and posted it online. The couple prayed their story would provide hope to other parent’s struggling with premature babies.

“People have no idea … that there are these NICUs with these babies holding on and parents scared out of their wits, and it’s going on every day all around the nation,” Lyndsey stated.

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Lyndsey and Ben continue to share their journey, reminding families circumstances can change. Today, the couple’s son is 16-months-old and a healthy happy toddler.