Military Wife Plans Homecoming Surprise for Marine Husband

One military wife wished to reverse the stereotypes. Instead of being surprised by husband’s ‘homecoming’ this woman planned it.

After a year-long deployment, Sgt. Chris Taylor was finally coming home from Afghanistan. The marine planned to fly to his military base in California. From there, it would only be a quick trip to his family in Maryland.


His wife, Sara, had other plans. She knew her husband would be oblivious to the idea of a surprise reunion at his military base. The military spouse immediately seized the opportunity to plan the shock of a lifetime.


“The media is full of military men and women surprising their families…but it is very rare to see a military member get surprised by their loved ones,” Sara explained.

After a long deployment, Sara accomplished her goal with flying colors. Getting off the plane, Sgt. Taylor spotted his loving wife. The marine was instantly overcome with emotion in the heartwarming moment. The loving couple shared a long awaited kiss as tears streamed down their faces.


“…I made sure I arrived there in time to see his arrival,” Sara said with a smile on her face. “…I showed him!”

Watch the couple’s tear-filled reunion in this touching footage!

Source: Fox News