McDonald’s Employee Celebrates 32 Years and is Given the Retirement Party of Her life

After more than 32 years as an employee, one woman gets the retirement party of her life.

As a loyal worker at the Needham, Massachusetts McDonald’s since the 1980’s, Freia was a valued employee. Over the years, the woman had cleaned tables, refilled ketchups, and (her favorite) served up some good old-fashioned french fries.

At just 20-years-old, Freia got a job at the local McDonald's

At just 20-years-old, Freia got a job at the local McDonald’s

Freia was also a resident of Needham. Diagnosed with Down syndrome as a baby, Freia lived at the Charles River Living Facility for children and adults with developmental disabilities. There, she was able to find her dream job through an organization that paired local employment opportunities with people suffering from cognitive impairments. The young woman was the only one that made it past the required 6 month training process.


32-years later, the woman was about to hit the milestone of “1 million pounds of fries served.” Her 90-year-old mother convinced Freia it might be time to retire. To thank Freia for her dedicated work over the years, her employer as well as 100 of her co-workers, friends, and family members threw her a retirement bash. They even invited the public to enjoy some free fries in her honor.

Timothy McCoy, the owner of the Needham McDonald’s was going to miss his beloved employee.

“Freia’s smile, her enthusiasm, and her daily hugs made our restaurant more than just a restaurant,” he said. “She is loved and respected by all of our employees, customers, and anyone she has come into contact with.”


As a token of gratitude, the state House of Representatives even sent Freia a silver necklace with a ‘fry’ pendant attached.

“We are so sad that she is retiring, but very happy for the time we had to work with her. The McDonald’s of Needham will never be the same without Freia David,” McCoy stated during his goodbye speech.

Even though she is retired, Freia plans to visit her favorite restaurant on the weekends. Her boss says the “meals will always be free.”

Click the video below to watch Freia’s 32-year journey…

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Source: NBC News