Man with Cancer Beats the Odds and Goes On to Complete 100th Marathon

No one expected a 75-year-old cancer patient to run 100 marathons. Don Wright was the man that proved everyone wrong.


In 2003, Don completed his first of many races. Unfortunately, a routine check-up revealed the athlete had a rare type of blood cancer known as multiple myeloma. As healthy as he was, the runner was told he had less than five years to live.

“It is an incurable cancer,” Don explained. “People are working on a cure and I would love to get the cure, but there isn’t one yet.”


So Don does his part in raising awareness for the disease: the man runs marathons. Running a record of 50 marathons in 50 states, he’s proving hard to keep up with! Philadelphia was actually the lucky site of some breaking news. The city hosted 75-years-old Don (the cancer patient) while he completed his 100th race.

“I love to run, especially when my wife and daughter participate in the races,” the man said. “But my other motivation is to get the word out…”

To date, Don is doing a fantastic job.


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The runner continues to live in hope, taking each step one at a time.

“I have lived to meet my grandchild,” Don said. “I feel lucky.”

Watch the 75-year-old cross the finish line in this heartwarming race!

Source: NBC News