Rookie Cop Saves Drowning 5-Year Old – 20 Years Later, He Gets the Surprise of His Life

At 5 years old, Christopher Jones nearly drowned in a hotel swimming pool. Nearly 20 years later, he surprises the police officer that saved his life.

Jones, now 24, relived his near death experience after browsing the Columbus, Ohio Police Facebook page. The name on the screen quickly caught his attention.

“I think that’s the Officer (Poole) who saved my life,” he said.

At 5 years old, not knowing how to swim, Jones jumped into the hotel pool. He sank to the bottom and eventually blacked out. Later, doctors revealed his heart had stopped for 20 minutes.

Poole, just a rookie at the time, was the officer dispatched to the scene. Immediately, he jumped in to save the drowning child. Paramedics quickly arrived at the scene and thankfully were able to get him to the hospital just in time to save his life.

Jones is reunited with the officer that saved his life nearly 20 years earlier

After waking up, Jones was told it was all “thanks to officer Poole.”

Jones decided to surprise his savior by going down to the Columbus Police Station. Tapping Poole on the shoulder, he asked if the officer remembered him.

“About 1997, you pulled a 5-year-old out of a swimming pool, saved his life,” Jones said.

Almost instantly, everyone in the room burst into tears.

The boy and the officer that rescued him embrace after being reunited

“I never thought that something I would do 19, 20 years later would come back, and somebody would thank me,” Poole responded.

Wanting to emphasize the impact Poole had on his life, Jones introduced his 5-year-old daughter to the officer.

“…I would have never become a father without his help,” he said. “Because of you, I’m still here. “Because of you this little five-year-old girl is still here.”

Watch the moving footage below (you may want to break out the tissues).

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Source: Fox News/Columbus PD