Generous Businessman Spends $20k to Feed U.S. Troops Waiting at Airport

One man is bothered by what he sees during his layover in the Dublin airport. Needles to say, he spends a small fortune fixing it.

Shlomo Rechnitz was an extremely accomplished businessman living in California. During a trip to Israel, the millionaire was confronted with a bothersome situation.


There in the Dublin airport were 400 U.S. troops eating the cold field rations they were given. Rechnitz felt uneasy knowing the men wouldn’t be eating a proper dinner. After some thought, he arrived at a logical decision. He would be the one to serve a hot meal to each one of the countrymen.

The businessman extended an invitation to take all 400 troops to dinner that night. Rechnitz figured it was the least he could do for the men defending his country. His only specific instructions? To spend as much as each man desired on his personal credit card.

They did exactly that…to the tune of $20,000

During dinner, the millionaire expressed his sincere gratitude in an emotional speech.

“You guys risk your lives to protect me and protect my family,” the businessman told the troops as they applauded him. “I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

See the footage below to watch the inspiring interaction.

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