Man Shocked To Discover Grandparents’ 100-Year-Old Wedding Cake Hidden In Hat Box In The Garage

Rumaging through junk in his garage, Ronald Warninger was surprised to find a long lost family heirloom. Over 100-years-old, this keepsake isn’t going anywhere!

Living the life of a retiree, Ronald set off to accomplish a laundry list of ‘to do’s’ around the house. Unfortunately, that meant cleaning out the garage. Instead of a boring and mundane chore, the organization session yielded a much larger discovery. Hidden within a purple vintage hat box was his grandparents’ 100-year-old wedding cake.
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Harvey and Inez Warninger wed in 1915, saving the top layer of their wedding cake to freeze and enjoy twelve months later. The only problem? They forgot to finish it! The couple graciously gifted the heirloom to Ronald’s parents years after the fact, hoping to keep it in the family.


A century later, the formerly smooth icing had hardened into a concrete like block. Clearly, it was no longer edible. One thing that still stood out was a poem written in Inez’ personal notebook: a poem written by the woman’s friend.


“Dear Inez —” the poem began.

“Remember me when far away,
And only half awake,
Remember me on your wedding day,
And send me a slice of cake.”


The 100-year-old slice is staying in the family. Ronald’s daughter Jenny is actually the current owner. The couple can rest assured with the knowledge she plans to pass it on to her own children.

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Source: Inside Edition