Man Punches Kangaroo in the Face to Save Dog

The bond between a dog and his owner is something that is sweet and very strong. Take this man, for example. While on a recent hunting trip in Australia, this man ended up fighting a kangaroo to save his dog from its clutches!


The beginning of the video shows the man in the back of a truck, calling to his dog, “Max” asking him to come here. Apparently the dog was tracking some wild boar by their scent, and didn’t realize that there was a kangaroo so close by. When Max doesn’t come, his owner becomes extremely worried.

That’s when the kangaroo decided to take Max by the throat in a headlock, grasping him so tightly the dog could easily have been suffocated and injured. What the kangaroo didn’t know is that not only was he putting the dog’s life in danger, his life was in danger as well – if the wild boar had decided to run, the two could have been killed by the tusks or trampled.


That’s when the owner decided he needed to intervene. Running at the kangaroo, trying to distract it from strangling the dog, the owner puts his own life in danger for his four legged friend. The kangaroo doesn’t let up right away – he continued to try and kick Max’s legs out from under him. But as his owner drew closer, the kangaroo finally let Max go to give his full attentions to his owner. That’s when something crazy happened. The owner punched the kangaroo right in the face! The kangaroo then took off in the opposite direction, apparently going to think about what he had been doing.


A crazy, scary situation had a happy ending for Max and his owner. I’m sure they’ll be more wary of kangaroos during their hunt in the future.

Watch the crazy video below!

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Photos: Greg Bloom