Man Locates The Same People In His 30-Year-Old Photos Only to Recreate Them Again

Throughout the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Chris Porsz made a name for himself as a street photographer. Exploring the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, he captured hundreds of photos, showcasing people from all walks of life. Siblings, couples, policeman, you name it! The photographer got them all on camera.

Nearly forty years later, he decided to do it again…with the same people. Porsz diligently searched for his former subjects to recreate the decades old photographs. Surprisingly enough, he did it! Over 135 side-by-side pics were published as a photo book titled ‘Reunions.’

Take a look at some of his most memorable work!

1. Dog and Tina – Original, 1985/ Reunion, March 2015.                                                                              The couple, although no longer together, went on to have a pair of twins!


2. Tony and Sally – Original, 1980/ Reunion, December 21, 2009.                                                         The boyfriend and girlfriend (at the time) were married a year later. The couple has two kids that happen to be the age they are in this photo!


3. Andy and Richard – Original, 1987/ Reunion, 2016                                                                                         The two boys in front went on to join the military! Both have been married for over twenty years.


4. The five sisters – Original, 1987/Reunion, 2016                                                                                              All five (including a set of twins) still live in the home they grew up in! They make sure to see each  other regularly.


5. Vickey Gracey – Original, 1990/Reunion, 2015                                                                                             All grown up the woman no longer works in a jewelry store. She does, however, live in the same city with her two children and husband.


6. Good friends – Original, 1980/Reunion, 2015                                                                                               The boys ended up losing touch after high school. Needless to say, they were excited to see each other for the reunion!


7. Dave Harvey and Tim Goodman – Orignal, 1980/Reunion, 2010                                                                 The son followed in his fathers footsteps, becoming a policeman himself!


8. Metal Mickey – Original, 1980/Reunion, 2016                                                                                             Famous for breaking his legs multiple times, the rocker still plays guitar in a band.


9. Nobby – Original, 1980/Reunion, 2015                                                                                                              The formerly homeless man was remembered for living in abandoned school buses. Since then, he went on to build a successful career as a teacher.

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10. Martin and Andy – Original, 1980/Reunion, 2016                                                                                     The schoolmates have since graduated from eating chips on the side of the street. Surprisingly, the pair grew up to become fathers to three children each!


Source: Daily Mail