Man Donates a Piece of His Liver to a Woman He’s Never Met, 2 Years Later and They’re Married!

Love stories are all different, and they all begin differently. Some are definitely more interesting, and more… different… than others.

Like who would think that a love story could start with two strangers and a liver transplant? Me neither. But that’s the case for these two lovebirds.

Heather Krueger was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in 2014. By the time they told Heather she would need a transplant, she was in dire need of one and only had a few months to live.

Chris Dempsey was a code enforcement officer for Frankfort, Illinois, and just happened to be in the break room when they were telling about Heather’s story. He felt the need to get tested to see if he might possibly be a match. Miraculously, Dempsey was a match for Heather, and decided to donate part of his liver to her in order to give her a better chance at living. So without even meeting her, he decided to donate a part of his body to save hers. Pretty romantic.


Thankfully the procedure was a success, and Heather and Chris were both healthy post-op. The two stayed close to each other as friends, and eventually realized that there were more complicated feelings than they originally thought.

Two years later, in 2016, Chris and Heather decided to make the ultimate promise to each other and got married! So while Chris may have saved Heather’s life from liver disease, Heather saved Chris from being lonely! In Heather’s vows, she told Chris that he was the most incredible man she had ever met, and that he made her feel amazing every single day.


What an incredible story of love, and what a different way to start a relationship! That will be fun to tell the kids one day!

Watch the heartwarming video below. It’s pretty sweet!

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H/T: CBS News