Loving Husband Transforms Dairy Farm into Breathtaking Garden for Blind Wife

One loving husband planted flowers for his wife who had recently lost her eyesight as a reminder of their lasting love.

Toshiyuki and Yasuko Kuroki were a loving couple that had been married for 30 years. Over time, they built a life together as dairy farmers in Japan.

The loving Japanese couple at their former dairy farm

The loving Japanese couple at their former dairy farm

Sadly, Yasuko had gone blind due to complications from diabetes. Her husband noticed his wife no longer wanted to talk to people. She began to withdraw from their daily life, locking herself inside their home.

Toshiyuki had an idea one day after noticing a shibazakura, a bright, fuchsia flower. He wanted to do something special for his wife, something that would stop her downward spiral into a depression.

The elderly man had a lightbulb moment. He understood his wife couldn’t see the flower or enjoy looking at it. What she could do is smell its presence.


The loving husband began to plant thousands of the same flower outside the couple’s home. He started near the front door and eventually expanded all across the farm. It wasn’t long before the diary farm had been transformed into a beautiful, breathtaking, botanical garden.

Thousands and thousands of flowers were planted that created a "pink blanket"

Thousands and thousands of flowers were planted that created a “pink blanket”

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Once cherry blossom season arrived, Yasuko was stunned.  With the intense fragrance from the blossoming flowers wafting in from outside, she could barely stand to remain in her home. Yasuko began to open up again and started to talk and chat with the various visitors walking by.


More than 25 years later, thousands of flowers still bloom on Toshiyuki and Yasuko’s farm. The couple decided to sell the dairy cattle and fully transform the grounds into a museum.

Every spring season, when the shibazakura bloom, more than 7,000 tourists tour the breathtaking grounds. Now in their 70’s and 80’s Yasuko and Toshiyuki still welcome the attention.

Enjoy the footage below to see the breathtaking views.

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Source: Huffington Post