Loving Husband Plants Stunning 400 Acres of Sunflowers to Honor Dead Wife

After a long and tiresome fight against cancer, a woman’s life is cut short. In a beautiful and “sunny” tribute, her farmer husband guarantees her memory blooms for years to come.


Don and Babbette Jaquish were a loving couple living the old-fashioned “dream” as American farmers. The couple met in passing after Don purchased grain equipment from Babbette. It was love at first sight. They married shortly after in 2000.


“Everyone that ever met Babbette fell in love with her,” Don said. “I was just lucky enough to be the guy that she fell in love with.”

The northern Wisconsin couple quickly made a reputation for themselves after planting several hundred acres of sunflowers, Babbette’s favorite flower, on their farm. The sight was breathtaking.


“She got to be known as the sunflower lady of the community…” the loving husband said.

Tragically, the woman received a devastating diagnosis of multiple myeloma six years into their marriage. After a grueling 22 cancer treatments, Babbette lost her battle to the disease. Don wasn’t prepared to let her cheerful attitude pass with her. The farmer honored her legacy in the most fitting way possible.


“…after she passed away, I thought it would be a tribute to her to plant 4.5 miles of sunflowers on each side of Highway 85,” Don said.

Babbette’s children and husband did exactly that. After only one week, the sunflowers stretched over 400 acres of land. in two short weeks, the flowers blossomed into Babbette’s beautiful tribute. Hundreds of visitors showed in support, blowing the grieving family away with their generosity.


“I think she would be smiling,” the farmer explained with tears in his eyes.

The mother and wife would truly be missed. But her “cheerfully sunny” attitude would live on… in 4.5 million blooming reminders.

“There’s 4.5 miles of sunflowers, and it’s an enormous, beautiful sight,” Babbette’s daughter explained. “…and that’s just like my mom. That’s what she did with her life.”

Source: ABC News