Loving Husband Makes Wife Dinner 365 Times – One for Every Night of His Deployment

After he’s deployed, they’ll spend one consecutive year apart. That didn’t stop this couple from having dinner together every night.

Zhao Mai and Yin Yunfeng were a young newlywed couple living in China. Yin Yunfeng had a lifelong dream to serve his country and fulfilled that goal quickly after he married Zhao. Sadly, the husband and wife would spend most of their “honeymoon phase” apart.

“I knew it was going to be tough being a soldier’s wife before marrying him, but I didn’t realize how hard it was until we got married,” Zhao said.


The Chinese soldier was soon deployed to Tibet, serving a two-year tour. 26-year-old Zhao and her husband would only see each other once a year until his finished his active duty. During a trip home from, Yin learned something that didn’t sit very well with him.

Zhao, an elementary school teacher, spent most of her days running around from dawn until dusk. Most nights, she was too tired to make dinner for herself and ended up skipping it altogether. Zhao decided that needed to change.


During the only break from his tour in Tibet, the loving husband prepared 365 meals for the woman he loved. Over 1,000 dumplings and 150 liters of noodle soup later, Yin had put together 12 months worth of dinners.

Pic shows: The Chinese dumplings.nnA Chinese soldier stationed so far away from home that he sees his wife once a year has cooked her up enough food to last for an incredible 12 months.nnYin Yunfeng, 27, said was shocked when he realised how hard his wife Zhao Mai was working as a schoolteacher where she had little time free to cook properly for herself.nnSo while he was on home leave from being stationed in a remote outpost in Tibet, he decided to surprise her by cooking up enough food to last a year.nnThe dishes created included more than 1,000 dumplings, 150 litres of her favourite noodle soup, and dozens of different dishes with various meats and vegetables all packed in individual portions.nnThe devoted husband then filled not only the family freezer, but the freezer of nearby family with the items he had cooked, and left a note for his wife explaining what he had done.nnHe said: "You¿re so focused on your work and so much to read when you get home that I want to make life easier for you."nnHe then explained that the meals only needed to be cooked were located in various freezers and that there was enough for a year.nnAnd there was an additional surprise for his hard-working wife. He made sure that there were sweets and snacks to cheer her up with all over the house, and he plans to call her regularly or send notes to let her know where she can find them.nnIn his farewell note he added: "Here is your first surprise. You can find a bag of raisins at the back of the sofa in the living room."nnThe young wife who was a teacher in a senior middle school in Anshui city in Southwest China¿s Guizhou province admitted she often didn't have time to cook for herself as she was busy with classes and homework from students.nnHe said: "I hope that if you're feeling lonely and want to be cheered up, you can call me and I will tell you where to find a snack."nnEach snack includes a loving message handwritten to his beloved.nnZhao, 26, said: "I knew it was going to be tough being a soldier¿s wife before marrying him, but I didn¿t realize how hard it was until we got ma and I had to experience the pain of separation.nn"I have to admit I cried all night the first time when I knew he was going away for a year."nnShe added: "I have to admit his food packages help keep me going and it's great to know that he loves me, in some way every time I have my meal I know he is with me."nn(ends)  n

Knowing she would be too exhausted at the end of the day to cook for herself, he froze the meals, allowing her to pull them out at her convenience. Zhao simply adored the sweet gesture.

“I have to admit his food packages help keep me going an it’s great to know that he loves me,” Zhao said.


The couple works hard to overcome the lack of contact between them. Alone by herself, Zhao found it much more challenging.
Luckily, her husband had a solution. On top of the frozen dinners, he hid her favorite treats around the couple’s home, planning to reveal their whereabouts when Zhao needed a little ‘pick-me-up.’
Their short visit quickly came to an end. Sadly, it would be twelve more months before the married couple saw each other again. This time, Zhao doesn’t feel so lonely.
The loving wife reminds herself, “… every time I have my meal I know he is with me.”
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