Loving Fraternal Twin Girls Celebrate 100th Birthday In Style, Even Getting Gift from Queen of England

Fraternal twin sisters, Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones, wowed everyone, making it 100-years-old. The first centurions in their entire family line, the girls celebrated with a modest ceremony in their shared home. The party was a hit, full of friendly faces warm wishes, and even a gift from the head of the royal family, the Queen of England.

The girls were two peas in a pod from the moment they were born. 25 minutes apart in age, Irene and Phyllis did everything together. They enrolled in the same classes at school, worked in the same shops, and eventually moved back in with one another once their husbands both passed away at 90-years-old.


After a century together, the sisters have learned a thing or two. Their advice for a long and happy life?

“Hard work and good food is our secret, that’s all I can put it down to.”Over the years, Phyllis and Irene tried as hard as possible to spend their birthday with each other. Slicing their 100th birthday cake down the middle, this celebration was no different. Well, except for a couple minor details.miracle-twins-90th-birthday-732370

Irene and Phyllis had a special request for guests when it came to gifts. The twins explained they would appreciate a donation to charity in their name for the nearby hospital rather than presents. They figured the paramedic team working closely could benefit from the funds more than they could. Of course, friends and family graciously obliged, stunned by the womens’ generosity.

Surrounded by food, cake, loved ones, and each other, it appeared Phyllis and Irene had everything. However, one gift made the event extra special: a birthday card from the Queen of England, signed yours truly. The matriarch of the royal family heard of the centurions’ celebration and made sure to send her congrats.

See where the woman are now in the clip below!

Source: BBC News