Loving Boyfriend Plans Adorable Proposal with Help from Girlfriend’s 1st Grade Class

The 1st grade teacher expected her day to be full of math problems and parent teacher conferences. However, her 28-year-old boyfriend planned another engagement: their own.

Samuel Nalbandian secretly recruited her 1st grade class to pop the question in the most epic proposal.

After Jennifer Lai left her classroom to ‘chat’ with another teacher, her sister Jessica entered to explain the situation. Each student would hold a letter, lining up to spell ‘will you marry me.’ Jennifer returned to an oddly quiet classroom of students, all with mischievous looks on their faces.


At the plea of a her sister, Jennifer sat down to watch a “special movie.” The film turned out to be a slideshow illustrating her and Sam’s perfect relationship over the past three years. It included memories from their first date, inside jokes, and heartfelt kisses.

“It was incredible,” the teacher said. “They got every detail of our first few dates down, from the clothes to the conversation.”


Once the movie ended, the kiddos leaped from their desks and arranged themselves to spell out the important question. Sam walked in at the perfect moment , holding a bouquet of Jennnifer’s favorite flowers.


“I was in complete shock, and it’s usually really hard to surprise me,” Lai stated. “I’m also really impressed that none of the kids blabbed. When I’ve told them secrets in the past, they’re running around the room telling everyone 30 seconds later.”


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Samuel pulled off the perfect proposal. Needles to say, she said yes! The newly engaged couple sealed the deal with a kiss, while the embarrassed group of 1st graders closed their eyes.

“…the students started jumping and swarming me and the following week I received some adorable notes and gifts,” the bride-to-be added.


“We spoke about getting married, but I never imagined it would happen at work,” Jennifer said. “I’m so happy it did though because my students were able to share the moment with me and Sam knows how important my students are to me.”

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Source: Today Show