It was Love at First Sight for This Wild Rabbit and a Pet Bunny

Sometimes, love at first sight doesn’t quite look the way that we think it will. For Pep, the pet bunny, it definitely was not what she was expecting when this wild rabbit ran up to her screen door while she was out and about in the house playing.

The wild rabbit seemed to be very interested in Pep, even trying to get through the screen door to get in and visit with her. Pep was a little more standoffish, when the rabbit decided to try and get through the screen she ran away to hide behind a cardboard box! Before that though, they were quite interested in each other, as they both sniffed each other through the screen door, and even nuzzled a little bit before the overly-interested wild rabbit tried to come inside.


While it may have been Love at first sight, it was probably better for Pep that her wild suitor did not join her inside the house. Domesticated rabbits within the US cannot mate with wild rabbits, thanks to the countless genetic changes that were made along the way. The two are simply too dissimilar to have viable offspring.

It is a sad tale of a love that was lost – probably a story that could have rivaled that of Juliet and Romeo, but alas, it was not meant to be. I am sure that Pep’s beloved is out there right now, trying to get over his lost love.

LOL. Regardless, this cute video of the two rabbits meeting is one that will bring a little joy to your day today. Watch it below!

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