Look at the Hair on This 9 Week Old Baby!

Most babies when they come out, they only have a little bit of hair, if any. Rarely do they come out with a full head of hair that is so far out that they can be styled into a bouffant like style, or even get the nickname “Baby Bear.”


His name is Junior Cox-Noon, and he was born with a head full of hair, to the point that his parents were told at the hospital that it was likely his head full of hair would fall out. So far, after nine weeks, they have seen just the opposite. Not only is his hair continuing to grow, it is growing straight out!

His mother, who used to be a hair stylist, styles his hair out even more to get his hairstyle that is now famous. It’s to the point where whenever she is out running errands, it takes more then 3 times the time it should to get through the store, simply because so many people approach her wanting to look or touch the baby’s hair!


His mom currently has no plans to cut the hair. She wants to see how far it will grow out! She says she has no idea where it came from, because her other two boys didn’t have this wild head full of hair! Little Junior is well loved by his family, especially his older brothers. One of the older brothers simply loves to pinch Junior’s cheeks! They don’t seem to be too worried or interested in his hair!

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