Little Piano Prodigy Impressed an Entire Train Station Full of People When He Decided to Play

A prodigy is defined as someone, especially a young one, that is endowed with exceptional abilities or qualities (thank you This young boy would definitely fit the bill with his piano playing abilities!

Jay Lewington is an 8 year old little boy who recently received a lot of attention after he shocked an entire train station full of people with his piano playing abilities. The young boy, clean cut, with glasses, sat down at the piano that is in the London international train station that has a sign that says, “Play me, I’m yours.” He seemed to be unable to resist the temptation of passing the time by playing the piano.


While waiting for his mother, he started playing Frédéric Chopin’s “Fantaisie Impromptu,”and quickly gained a rather large audience. People started filming him to put him on Youtube, and they even gave him a standing ovation when he was done! The craziest part about it is the fact that he didn’t even notice he had an audience until his performance was over. He was so lost in the music he didn’t see the people coming up and crowding around him to listen to him play.

There was one woman who became so touched by his playing ability that she began to cry! She told Jay’s mother that Jay reminded her of her brother, and even tried to give him some money like a regular street performer! While it would appear from the video (and the experience everyone watching got to have) that Jay has had a lot of piano lessons and training, the young boy has learned everything he knows simply from watching Youtube videos. I can’t imagine ever learning how to be that good at playing any instrument just from Youtube! Way to go, Jay. I’m sure you’ll encourage some other young one to learn how to play the piano. Who knows, maybe your video will even become one that’s used to learn from!

Photo: Youtube