Little Girl Decided to Be “Mommy” for Halloween

Being a mom is hard work. There’s a lot of sleepless nights, frustrating days, and more vomit and poop than anyone wants to deal with in their entire life. What’s worse, is that this usually goes unnoticed by many people in society.

Well not this little girl. This young girl from Muncie, Indiana, decided it would be a perfect costume to dress up like an exhausted mom as halloween. Including under-eye circles, some vomit, sweatpants, and babies climbing her legs.

Her name is Lainie, and she decided that she would recognize the real moms out there. Not the movie and Hollywood moms who are perfectly made up with their make up done and hair perfect. These are the moms struggling, living the real life, real world #momlife of not always having enough time to take care of yourself after taking care of your children. This hilarious rendition of the mom life quickly went viral, with moms all over the world commenting on how on-point it is.

Wearing a pink sweatsuit, Lainie has “dark circles” under her eyes, a baby on her hip, vomit on her shoulder, and even another baby clinging to her leg. She’s wearing the infamous “mom bun” with a look that could kill. It’s overall a very hysterical image.


Lainie, I know moms around the world appreciate your ingenuity and her expression of their daily struggle.

And moms, we love you. You’re doing just fine.

Photo: Facebook