Little Girl Tells Mom She Wants to Marry Favorite Nurse, Hospital Staff Plan the Surprise Wedding of Her Dreams

A 4-year-old with cancer decides she wants to marry her favorite male nurse. The hospital staff planned the wedding of her dreams.

Abby was a bright, cheerful, and loving child. Sadly, she was living her life in a hospital bed as a leukemia patient. Over the course of a year, the four-year-old got to know most of the nursing staff at the Albany Medical Center in New York. One nurse in particular caught her fancy and was immediately labeled her “favorite.”


Matt Hickling and the little girl were two peas in a pod. Her treatment sessions with him were funny and an experience she lived for. The smile on Abby’s face said it all. During one of her many visits to the hospital for treatment, the cancer patient made a shocking announcement.


Abby explained to her mother she was excited to visit the clinic because she “couldn’t wait to marry Matt.”  The parent laughed it off as a “cute” kid’s moment, even jokingly mentioning it to her daughter’s favorite nurse.  It didn’t take him long to make her wish come true.

In just 24 hours, the entire staff became involved in the planning process. Together, they were able to produce an officiant, rings, and a bouquet of donated flowers. The ceremony began as attendants humming the melody of the wedding march.


Dressed in a white princess gown, Abby took the walk “down the aisle” with her mother on her arm. Matt was waiting at the alter in a tuxedo t-shirt.

Dr. Jennifer Pearce, the young girl’s pediatrician, planned to perform the ceremony as the official minister. The impatient 4-year-old beat her to it.

Taking Matt’s hands, she asked, “will you marry me?”


The groom offers the short and sweet response of “of course.” With a “cheers” of their ring pop rings, the pretend couple was pronounced husband and wife. Abby got the wedding of her dreams.

Parading back down the walkway scattered with rose pedals, the four-year-old yells out, “this is the best day ever!” The ceremony finished with the perfecting ending: tears, cheers, and applause.

See the adorable ceremony in the footage below.

Source: Daily Mail