Lady Finds Out Her Coworker at Lowe’s is Actually Her Son

Christine Tallady had a baby boy in 1985. She decided that it would be better for the baby to give him up for adoption instead of trying to raise him herself. But she did decide that she would give her son the option of finding her later in his life by leaving the adoption case open.

The boy, named Steve, decided to try and look for his biological mom when he turned 18. Unfortunately, he didn’t find her. He gave up his search, but he didn’t give up hope completely.

At the age of 20 in 2007, he realized that when he had been searching, he had misspelled Christine (his mom’s) last name! He was then working at a Lowe’s store in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a delivery driver.

After making this discovery, he decided to try and search again for her. That’s when he discovered that Christine Tallady was actually nearby! He asked his boss if he happened to know a Christine Tallady, and that’s when he found out that she actually currently worked at the same Lowe’s!

Christine went by “Chris” and was a cashier! She and Steve had even had conversations over the past 8 months getting to know each other, and were on friendly terms. Neither of them had a clue that they are actually related!

Well once Steve knew his mother was so close, he had no idea how to really approach her. He called the adoption agency in charge of his adoption to ask for advice. They offered to make the first contact, in case things didn’t go so well. After telling Christine her son’s name was Steve and that he worked in the same store as she did, she went through each Steve by age to figure out which one was her son. That’s when she realized it was the delivery driver!

They agreed to meet for lunch later and since then have continued to have contact and create a relationship.

How crazy! Who would have thought you could find your mom at Lowe’s!

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