LAPD Surprises Lonely 94-Year-Old Veteran with Christmas Care Package That Brings Him to Tears

Two LADP officers were just checking up on the man. After noticing the senior’s home was without a single Christmas decoration, they decided to investigate further.

Officers Natali Nunez and Abel Torres were dispatched to the home of Herman Perry for a simple wellness check. The 94-year-old WWII vet was discharged from the VA hospital days before nervous neighbors made the call for help.

The partners were nervous as to what they would find. Thankfully, they arrived at the retiree’s home, only to find Herman watching some TV on the couch. The veteran plainly explained he didn’t hear neighbors’ knocks or phone calls. Not expecting any company, the man hadn’t put his hearing aids in.


Accepting an invite to come inside Herman’s home, Officers Nunez and Torres noticed it was completely bare from any holiday decorations, including a tree! The partners figured if the 94-year-old was going to remain inside, he may as well enjoy some Christmas spirit.

Even though it was past one o’  clock in the morning, the two cops made a trip to the local tree lot, just before it closed for the night. After hearing the old man’s story, the owner thoughtfully donated not only the tree, but mistletoe, candy, and lights as well.


But that wouldn’t be all. Nunez and Torres enlisted the help of the entire precinct. Before they knew it, presents, gift cards, and other decorations rolled in. The twosome returned to Herman’s home with the thoughtful care package in tow. The 94-year-old was moved to tears, touched by the LAPD’s generosity.


“I can’t believe all this going on. This never happened to me,'” the senior said.

The officers quickly joined the man’s neighbors, hanging mistletoe and stringing lights. Herman’s home was completely transformed by the time policemen left.

“It could be anyone’s grandpa,’ Nunez explained. “We just felt like he needed some holiday cheer.”

As it turned out, they were right.

Source: ABC News