Korean Christmas Parade Features Penguins Dressed In Santa Uniforms that Couldn’t Be Any Cuter

South Korea’s Annual Christmas Parade was a hit after a group of adorable penguins took center stage.

Accompanied with their zookeepers, the birds were dressed in their Sunday best as part of the Everland Christmas countdown. The tiny, hand stitched outfits, complete with fur lined collars and jingle bell necklaces, added the perfect amount of holiday cheer to the celebration.


Parade attendants and theme park go-ers found it impossible to hide a smile while watching the nine little birds waddle through the crowd at South Korea’s most popular amusement park. And really, who could blame them?

Interestingly enough, the black and white birds are known as jackass penguins. Unfortunately, a large decline in their population has left the animals an endangered species. You’d never know it from their perky faces!


The attraction’s caretaker, Shingo Sato, hopes the silly and fun costumes add a sprinkle of delight and good cheer to guests during the holiday season.

“We hope combining the normal joy of seeing animals with Christmas gives visitors extra pleasure,” the zookeeper explained.


As it turns out, the black and white birds are actually on the job! Concluding the annual celebration, the penguins are the ones who flip the switch, turning on the aquarium’s spectacular Christmas light display. It looks like Santa might have a few more helpers this season.
Check out the march of the penguins in the adorable footage below!

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