Kitten Rescued from Hurricane Matthew Given Cute Sweater to Wear

Recently, the entire world has been shocked by the devastation of hurricane Matthew. Not only have homes and people been displaced, animals have been lost as well.

A perfect example is this tiny kitten!


This tiny kitten was found in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was shivering in the cold. She was brought into a vet office, and the office then sent her to a local Petco, where she was put up for adoption.

When they brought her in, they had given her a sweater made out of a sock! When she was brought out to a family looking to adopt a kitten, they adopted her on the spot!

But she also quickly became an internet sensation! There have been hundreds of thousands of tweets about her, and her story has quickly grown and been seen all around the world. There are even those saying that there needs to be more of this in the world, because it has made so many people happy.


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This sweet cat had no idea that when she was getting rescued, was getting her sweater to help keep her warm, and when she was getting adopted by her forever family, she was also becoming increasingly famous!


The tweets and internet famous-ness all began because a girl overheard that she was going to be adopted, and saw the sweet little kitty in her sweater! That’s when the girl realized that the sweater was made out of an old sock, and she tweeted it. From there, it spread like wildfire!


Thank you Sarah, and a huge thank you to the family that adopted the cute kitty and shared her creative sweater with us all!

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