Kindhearted Couple Gives Up Dream Wedding to Sponsor Refugee Family

One couple donates their entire wedding fund after viewing a heart wrenching photograph.

Samantha Jackson and Farzin Yousefian, Toronto residents, had been engaged for quite some time and made detailed plans about tying the not. They selected the caterer, the band, and (most importantly,) the dress. After the couple was shown a devastating image of a 3-year-old boy lying on the beach, their plans were reversed. Aylan Kudi, the tiny 3-year-old, had drowned alongside many of his family members while swimming for escape from Syria.


The photo was the turning point for the couple.

“…(the photo) had made such an impact and brought the issue to the fore … We wanted to build on the momentum of that photo. It was a tragic circumstance, and we couldn’t fail to act,” Farzin commented.


Instead of following through with their dream wedding, the soon-to-be husband and wife generously donated the funds to help with the humanitarian situation in Syria. The couple has so far raised $17,500, $10,000 shy of their goal. To sponsor an entire Syrian family in Toronto would cost $27,000.


“We realized how all the money we would’ve put to our wedding would be better used helping give Syrian refugee families the second chance they deserve,” Samantha said.

After a humble City Hall wedding with close family and friends, Samantha and Farzin became husband and wife. They didn’t need the fancy, expensive celebration they thought they wanted. They wouldn’t have married any other way.

“Our wedding was perfect,” Samantha said, “and it was definitely the perfect way to start our marriage.”

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Source: ABC News