Mother Has Baby Girl After Trying IVF- 1 Year Later Falls Head Over Heels for Daughter’s Sperm Donor

 After tragedy strikes, one lucky woman found peace in birth of baby girl. She lives a fairytale only seen in movies.


Aminah Hart woke up in a parent’s worst nightmare times two. She had tragically lost her twin sons to a genetic disease. Knowing she wanted more children, the young woman pursued IVF. For the first time, Aminah hadn’t struggled to become pregnant. The expectant mother took that as an omen for what was to come

Her bouncing baby girl, Leila, was born ‘big and healthy’ on August 14. Aminah had nearly everything she could ask for. Only one element was missing: a father figure for her young daughter. Having a strong relationship with her own dad, Aminah wanted the same for her little girl.

Ms. Hart, Aminah’s mother, quickly swooped in to help her daughter find the perfect man for the job. After some serious digging, she managed to locate a picture of Leila’s father, Scott.

She urged her daughter to contact the fertility clinic involved in the couple’s pregnancy. Ms. Hart thought he might like to know about any possible children. Unlike most sperm donors, he actually did.

After their daughter turns one, the couple meet for the first time.

After their daughter turns one, the couple meet for the first time.

A year after Leila was born, the couple officially shake hands. It was hard to ignore their immediate mutual attraction. They couple and their little girl defined the image of the perfect family.

Another 12 months later, Scott went on a simple errand. When he returned, he was carrying a lot more than groceries. That day happened to be the anniversary of Aminah’s twins’ death. She would remember it for a different reason.

“He went out to get milk with Leila and came back with an engagement ring… which was a real surprise…usually, I spent the anniversaries of their death and birthdays having a quiet day,” Aminah said.

Without hesitation, she accepted Scott’s proposal. The couple couldn’t wait to tie the knot.

During their year-long engagement, Scott and Aminah orchestrated the perfect wedding.

“It was utterly spectacular overlooking the sea,” Aminah says.

3-year-old Leila decorated the satin runway with white rose petals before her mother’s entrance. The bride’s hand-embroidered, cream, lace gown took everyone’s breath away.

The couple exchanged vows in the company of close friends and family.  Former strangers, the two were now husband and wife.

Aminah described the day as, “pure elation.”

“It really felt like the beginning of something incredibly beautiful. You could see the happiness.” Luckly, her new husband agreed. 

Take a walk with the couple on their amazing journey in the video below.

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Source: Daily Mail/Today Australia